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Heartland Animal Hospital

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Let Heartland Play & Stay be your pet’s home away from home!

We offer family rates where each additional pet housed in the same space as another will receive a 20% discount on the daily boarding rate.

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Save You A Spot!

Your pet’s space is reserved for the entire day of your scheduled drop-off, therefore a full charge is incurred and you may check-in anytime during business hours. Please allow 10-20min for drop-off. If picking up before 2pm on the final day of stay, only ½ day charge will be applied.

In order to assure your pet a space in daycare it must be requested at the time of the boarding reservation. If you are submitting a reservation request online, please add “Daycare while Boarding” as an additional service for any dates you would like. **Note: this step is required even if they have a regularly scheduled daycare day during that time.**

Patients of Heartland Animal Hospital can conveniently receive treatments and services during their boarding stay but must be scheduled with the hospital team in advance. Please be sure you also allow time for a nurse check-in to confirm the treatment plan and expected charges. Hospital check-in hours are 7:30am-6:00pm Monday-Friday, 7:30am-12:00pm Saturdays. These services are billed separately.

To schedule boarding:

Call Play & Stay at (316) 744-8160 OR Log-in below to schedule your requested dates.

If you have NOT been to Play & Stay since January 2017, please sign up as a new client. Otherwise, you may sign in below as a current client.

Log-in or Create an Online Account
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Before You Arrive:

Dogs must be:

  • Current on Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, 6m Bordetella, & Influenza

  • Have a negative fecal in the last 12m

  • Preferred: monthly heartworm and flea prevention

Cats must be:

  • Current on Rabies and Feline Distemper

Expect the unexpected:

If you will be unreachable for any time during your pet’s stay, there must be a designated emergency contact who is familiar with your pet and able to make decisions if needed.

Address Special Needs

Due to our close association with a medical facility, we can accommodate some special needs and medical conditions. Make sure to discuss this well in advance of your stay and be prepared to provide medical records if needed. For some conditions such as diabetes, the add-on service “Face to Fur” will be required

Brown cat with gray eyes sitting on a checkered floor

Kitty Lounge

Remi’s Room is specially designed for our feline friends! This area is separated from the canine accommodations for peace and comfort. We have plenty of toys and room to explore. Inquire during scheduling or at check-in about additional activities available for cats during their stay. Individual lounges are 25”x22” and 38” tall with multiple levels for resting or climbing.

Small and medium boarding rooms

Overnight Lodging

Pups have three options for room size. The small and medium rooms are in a separate space that tends to be quieter and more relaxed, away from the rambunctious group.

  • Small rooms are appropriate for dogs up to 10lbs, 26x22x20”

  • Medium rooms for dogs up to 30lbs, 26x33x30”

  • Large rooms may be reserved by dogs of any size and are 5x4x6’

All dogs have the opportunity to exercise for potty breaks in one of 3 fenced yards. Break are morning, afternoon, and late evening before bedtime.

Heartland Animal Hospital boarding potty yards

Day Lodging

A day full of errands and no one at home for potty breaks? Home renovations or service calls with people going in and out? Need medications administered while you’re at work? Dogs and cats that can’t safely be home alone and aren’t a good fit for daycare can stay here in a comfortable kennel for the day with potty breaks and a private activity time.

A small white and brown dog and cat sleeping together inside on a blanket

During the Stay

Make sure to bring all required medications for your pet with enough doses to last the entire stay. There is a flat rate of $3 per day for medication administration. **IMPORTANT NOTE: For safety, medications must be provided in individual, original containers not baggies or pill organizers.

We provide food, bowls, and bedding but you are welcome to bring your own of you prefer. Please make sure all belongings are labeled with your pet’s name. Food should be separated into individual baggies, we do not have storage space for large bins. **Note: if your pets bedding is large, heavy, or stuffed, we are unable to launder it in the event of spills or accidents. Please be aware it may not be returned in the same condition it arrived.


Dog Daycare

Dog daycare provides your dog with a fun, safe, and stimulating off-leash environment to interact and socialize with other dogs and our staff while they are boarding with us. Please schedule these at the time of your boarding reservation to ensure availability.

Daycare is available M – Sat.

Click here for more Information!

Personal Playtime & Exercise

Personal Playtime: up to 20 minutes of one-on-one personal playtime with our staff in addition to their outside potty breaks! If your pet is unable to attend daycare or just enjoys some individual attention, this is a great option while they are staying with us. Pets can play ball, relax in the sun, or just snuggle up on a staff member's lap. Whatever may make them feel a bit more at home!

Walks: If your pet is accustomed to daily walks, our staff members can take them on a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood! We use a double harness system to ensure the utmost safety while they are getting their exercise. (This service is weather and construction activity-dependent)

Cozy Cots

Blankets will be provided to all of our boarding guests. However, Kuranda cots are available in addition to the bedding. These elevated cots are chew-proof and provide extra orthopedic support and overall comfort for your pet.

**Only available in large rooms**

Bathing Services

Departure baths are available for all lodging pups to schedule into their reservation and are a great way to freshen your pet up right before they go home! All departure baths scheduled for a reservation of 5 nights or more will be 50% off.

Ask us about upgrading to a Bathing Package which includes a nail trim, ear cleaning and brush out! Bathing packages are not included in the discount.

Extra Updates

If you are curious about what your fur baby is up to while you’re away, this add-on service will provide a window into their day! Staff will take pictures and write a little summary to send to you for every day you choose to get an update.

Face to Fur

This special care service is designed especially for furry loved ones with a special medical or behavioral condition requiring extra daily care and attention. Documented monitoring by trained staff caters to each unique condition. Observations include appetite, water intake, weight, hydration, mobility, and alertness as well as any other special requests. Our doctors on staff are available for consult in the event a concern arises while your pet is in our care. A report of the daily assessments will be sent home with you at the time of pick-up.

**IMPORTANT NOTE: This service is REQUIRED for some medical conditions and you may need to provide medical records in advance.**

Just for cats!

Giddy Kitty: Catnip spritzed in the condo for your cat to delight in

Cat Room Adventures: free time to roam, explore, and climb around the cat room with toys, towers, cubes, and caves.

Brain Food: stimulate your cat’s natural prey drive with interactive toys for mealtime or snacks. Choose from a variety of food balls, Egg-Cersizer, or Churu lick toys.

Brain Food

Choose a food enrichment activity to stimulate and engage your pup during mealtimes, or with extra snacks & treats. Choices include Kong- coctions, puzzle toys, or sunflower butter lickmats.

Two dogs playing with a toy in grass


In addition to convenience for wellness care, sharing a building with a full-service veterinary hospital adds an increased level of security for the safety and well-being of your pet. In the event of an accident or illness, urgent care is an option any time during business hours and a veterinarian is always on call. In the unlikely event of a life-threatening emergency, staff are trained to alert medical staff immediately to initiate treatment and we will contact you as soon as possible.

We have 3 individual exercise yards for our canine lodgers separated by a 4ft chain-link with a 6ft perimeter. During check-in, you will designate your wishes for level of supervision within this area depending on your pet’s history and personality.

Staff are trained to carefully evaluate the behavior of each dog. Unless they have previously passed our Daycare Behavior Assessment, they will be required to exercise in an individual yard until we determine their suitability for small group exercise.